Published Books

 Update- April 2019: I just finished co-authoring the first edition of the Moon Northern California Road Trip set to be published Fall 2019. Follow my adventures on Instagram @snow_kayla or #northerncaliforniaroadtrip  

Stand Up Paddleboarding 2.0: Top 101 Stand Up Paddle Board Tips, Tricks, and Terms to Have Fun, Get Fit, Enjoy Nature, and Live Your Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Passion to the Fullest From A to Z! – Released July 2018 by HowExpert Press and Kayla Anderson

Paddleboarding tips & tricks: Local pens SUP book“- by Tim Hauserman, Tahoe Weekly, September 2018

Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners: A Quick Guide on Training for Your First Stand Up 

Paddleboarding Competition – Released October 2017 by HowExpert Press and Kayla Anderson. Check out this review of my book by Ian Berger on PaddleXaminer

12 Reasons Why You Need a Standing Desk to Save Your Health– Released April 2018 by Karen Thomas and Kayla Anderson