****UPDATE: September 29, 2018: Please note that I am currently working on the first edition of the Moon Northern California Road Trip set to be published Fall 2019. I may have a delayed response if you reach out to me in the next few months as sometimes my travels send me to remote places with no cell coverage. Follow my adventures on Instagram @snow_kayla or #northerncaliforniaroadtrip 

Published Books

Stand Up Paddleboarding 2.0: Top 101 Stand Up Paddle Board Tips, Tricks, and Terms to Have Fun, Get Fit, Enjoy Nature, and Live Your Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Passion to the Fullest From A to Z! – Released July 2018 by HowExpert Press and Kayla Anderson

Paddleboarding tips & tricks: Local pens SUP book“- by Tim Hauserman, Tahoe Weekly, September 2018

Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners: A Quick Guide on Training for Your First Stand Up Paddleboarding Competition – Released October 2017 by HowExpert Press and Kayla Anderson. Check out this review of my book by Ian Berger on PaddleXaminer

12 Reasons Why You Need a Standing Desk to Save Your Health– Released April 2018 by Karen Thomas and Kayla Anderson.