Me-he-co en mi cumpleanos

I have been totally neglecting my blog due to such a hectic month! Here’s what I was up to in November:

Nov. 1: Day in Mammoth
Nov. 9-10: Snowbomb San Francisco show in AT&T Park
Nov. 13-20: Trip to Cancun
Nov. 18: Mi cumpleanos en la playa de Cancun
Nov. 23-24: Snowbomb San Jose
Nov. 23: Sharks game
Nov. 27: Mt. Rose opens

Whew! I have a lot to write about! Individual articles to come…

Editorial: 10-plus reasons why Nevada is an amazing state to live in

Republished from the RGJ article on Oct. 27, 2013

Written by THE OPINION OF THE Reno Gazette-Journal EDITORIAL BOARD

We love Nevada.

There’s no better time to express that than now as Nevada celebrates its 149th anniversary and moves into its sesquicentennial year.

1. Nevada is independent. Try to think of another state that voted for a Democrat for president and a Republican for governor. There aren’t many, and it makes us a battleground state that the nation focuses on every presidential election. And we’re the only state with a “None of These Candidates” option on the ballot. How cool is that?

2. Nevadans love it here. Despite bad perceptions among outsiders, all it takes is moving here to realize what a great state this is. Need proof? Back in February, the University of Vermont put out a report called “Geography of Happiness” that ranked the happiest states. Nevada? No. 3.

3. Mt. Rose ski resort. The people of a good-sized metro area — Reno-Sparks — live Mt. Rose snowonly 30 minutes from great skiing and snowboarding. In January, named Mt. Rose one of the “10 Hippest Ski Areas You Rarely Hear About,” while last year Ski magazine rated it one of the “10 Best Mountains You’ve Never Skied.”

4. Even more great skiing. They may not be in Nevada, but other Tahoe-area ski resorts are barely more than a stone’s throw away. Maybe this is why ranked Reno at No. 5 for “Top 10 Best Winter Vacation Destinations.” And those nearby resorts are fantastic. Outside magazine last year profiled the 40 best ski resorts in North America. Better than 1 in 7 were around Lake Tahoe — and Squaw Valley ranked No. 1.

5. Amazing special events. People travel from around the world to enjoy events here: the National Championship Air Races (ranked by USA Today this year as one of the 10 best air shows in the world), the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off (ranked this summer as one of the “10 Summer Festivals Worth the Pit Stop” by, plus Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations and the Great Reno Balloon Races.

6. Nevada is smart. The state justifiably gets a bad rap for its high school graduation rates, but it’s also got brains. The University of Nevada, Reno is ranked as a Tier 1 research school by U.S. News & World Reports. The Desert Research Institute is world-renowned for its climate and water work, archaeological research and air quality studies. And of 100 cities picked worldwide for IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge Program, one was Reno.

7. Nevada is great for business. No income tax, no inventory tax, no estate tax, no corporate income tax. The Tax Foundation and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council both ranked Nevada as having the third best tax system for businesses in the United States.

8. Nevada knows how to party. Las Vegas can brag about itself, but Northern Nevada is pretty great, too. No other city pub-crawls quite like Reno. This may be why USA Today put the Santa Pub Crawl on its list of “10 Great Places for Christmas Spirit.” in August ranked the Chapel Tavern in Reno’s Midtown district one of the “10 Best Places to Drink Rum.” There’s also one of the greatest parties anywhere in the world nearby: Burning Man.

9. Nevada still does gaming best. Many other states have tried to copy the casino model of Nevada. They come to Nevada for advice on regulation because we know gaming. And for six years in a row, the city ranked No. 1 by Casino Player magazine as having the loosest slots? Reno.

10. Great food. The casinos have brought in world-class chefs, and this has set a high bar for noncasino restaurants. It’s impossible to amble along Reno’s River Walk District and not notice the buzz at Campo, ranked last year by Esquire as one of the nation’s best new restaurants. It’s a large part of why the Daily Meal in June ranked Reno as one of the “Top 10 Underestimated Cities for Food.” Another reason is the GourMelt food truck, which has been celebrated by and the Daily Meal.

Then there are ghost towns galore, valuable mineral deposits, wide open spaces, Virginia City, wild horses, hot springs, dirt roads that lead to waterfalls, the old opera house in Eureka, Great Basin National Park, cowboys, Basque food and the best lake in the nation according to USA Today’s readers: Lake Tahoe. We could go on.

In short, we are proud of Nevada, and you should be, too.

Centennial Trail Push Race This Weekend

push race

Hunting around WordPress a few weeks ago, I found an announcement for a longboard event happening this weekend hosted by Motion Boardshop.

I usually longboard in Tahoe after work to stay in shape and while I’ve participated in long skate rides like Skate the Coast and Skate the Lake, I’ve never done an actual RACE.

centennial push race

So I booked my flight, registered for the event and I’m heading to Seattle tomorrow night try my luck on the Centennial Push Trail in Arlington. It should be a good time with free camping, BBQing, and lots of skateboarding. If you’re in the area, hit me up!

Another Snow Day

Whew, I’m glad the Tige  MyWake Challenge is over because it is cold and SNOWING again. Check out the blanket thrown over us today:

mt rose oct. 9

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch me ride at the Sparks Marina last Friday even though it was windy and cold. Now I’m ready for winter!

The Tige MyWake Challenge is this weekend!


As I write this, there is a dude wakesurfing in the Sparks Marina trying to break a Guinness Book of World Records for wakesurfing a full 24 hours. He started at 6pm last night and should still be surfing away. (More information here).

This is a precursor to the Tige MyWake Challenge happening this weekend, Oct. 4-6th in the Sparks Marina. For the months of June, July and August, anyone could upload videos for different divisions to qualify for the main event this coming weekend.

Even though I can barely stand on my board, I qualified for amateur women wakesurfing, masters women wakeboarding, and amateur women wakeskate. (View my videos here). All of my divisions will be on Friday, Oct. 4th.  The pro divisions compete Oct. 5-6th.

Friday, Oct. 4th schedule of events:

Friday- October 4

10:00 am                   Amateur Women Wakesurf
10:30 am                    Amateur Men Wakesurf
10:50 am                    Junior Girls Wakesurf
11:10 am                    Junior Boys Wakesurf
11:40 am                    Masters Women Wakesurf
12:00 pm                    Masters Men Wakesurf
12:30 pm                    Amateur Women Skim
12:50 pm                    Amateur Men Skim
1:00 pm                     Masters Women Wakeboard
1:15 pm                     Amateur Women Wakeskate
1:20 pm                     Masters Men Wakeboard
1:30 pm                     Amateur Jr Men Wakeboard
1:40 pm pm-2:00 pm          Boys Wakeboard


Off site awards party Friday night for ALL Amateur divisions

For any of you who want to watch me compete, my divisions are bolded. But don’t expect too much…if you want to see some real wakeboarding watch my friends compete Sat/Sun.

Saturday- October 5

10:00 am                     Pro Women Surf
10:30 am                     Pro Men Surf
11:00 am                      Pro Women Skim
11:30 am                      Pro Men Skim
12:00 pm                     Pro Wakeskate
1:00 pm                        Pro Women Wakeboard
1:30 pm- 3:00 pm    Pro Men Wakeboard

Sunday- October 6

10:00 am                    Pro Women Surf
10:30 am                     Pro Men Surf
11:00 am                     Pro Women Skim
11:30 am                      Pro Men Skim
12:00 pm                     Pro Wakeskate
1:00 pm                        Pro Women Wakeboard
1:30 pm- 3:00 pm    Pro Men Wakeboard

I’m excited to see who else qualified from around the country and get to ride behind the new UNLEASHED 2014 Tige boat (I’m sure I’ll notice a big difference from my ’93 Ski Nautique). Hope to see you there!