Official Review: West of Jesus

By: Steven Kotler

Even though I read this book a long time ago, it’s something that’s stuck with me for many years.

Out of nowhere, Steven Kotler got struck with Lyme disease which cost him everything. The sudden neurological damage was heartbreaking, as he had to write down simple instructions for how to live life…

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Official Review: Reunion by Bruce Simonian

This is the story of a high school love affair that is on its way to end tragically, but has a surprise twist at the end.

The main character, Gina, suddenly leaves her friends and family behind in Lake Tahoe to start a new life for herself and her daughter in Tulsa. Throughout the years, this story oscillates…

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A Day in Seattle

space needleTwo Octobers ago, I planned to enter a longboarding contest outside of Seattle. I booked my flight, planned to stay at an Air B&B, started planning out my car rental… But when the day came to leave, I missed my flight. Not leaving work in time, Reno traffic, getting stuck behind a semi, Delta Airlines being Delta Airlines, you-name-it…I guess I wasn’t meant to go.

So approaching last October, as my roundtrip flight to Seattle was about to expire, I decided to use my credit for a quick getaway back to Seattle and see everything I could see in a day. Here’s how it went:chihuly3

Oct. 24, 11pm: Flew into Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport, took the Link Light Rail to downtown

midnight: Once reaching downtown, took a cab to the City Hostel and was greeted with a mummy hanging out front. Oh, yeah, Halloween is coming up. Passed out in a bunk bed in an empty room.

pike placeOct. 25, 8:30am: woke up, showered, enjoyed a free continental breakfast in a hostel full of people, started walking. It was surprisingly sunny!

9:40am: made it to Pike’s Place! Never saw a fish fly, but loved the Farmers Market feel. Tried a chocolate-covered cherry at Chukar’s and didn’t bother trying to get a coffee at Starbucks since the line was around the corner.

chihuly210:25am: walked to the Space Needle, enjoyed the panoramic view from the top and enjoyed a coffee there. It was starting to get overcast.

11am: was totally enamored with Chihuly Garden and Glass. Bought my favorite moms cool gifts and took lots of pictures.

12:30pm: walked through Olympic Sculpture Park along the water and admired the art

1pm: made it to Miner’s Landing and had an Anchor Steam and delicious crab sandwich overlooking the pier at the Crab Pot.

chihuly1:40pm: meandered over to Pioneer Square and in my travel found misprinted Christmas cards at Pike Street Press and an original Punch Out arcade game at Bon Voyage Vintage.

2:30pm: it started raining so I dipped into Cow Chips for a cookie.

3pm: went through Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour, one of the highlights of the trip. Entertaining, plus it was a way to get out of the rain and learn the history of Seattle.

rub w love4:30pm: walked back to the hostel and on the way window-shopped at kitche stores like Watson Kennedy Fine Home, Alki Arts, Finerie Colab (where they greet you with a truffle when you walk through the door)

6:40pm: had a seasoned sandwich at the Rub With Love Shack and a beer for dinner

9pm: back at the hostel, totally pooped and in bed

Oct. 26, 5am: grudgingly left the hostel and took a $20 shuttle to the airport

6am: flight out of Sea-Tec

11am: after a quick layover in SLC, I’m back in Reno by 11:20am

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Official Review: Switch- “How to Change Things When Change is Hard”

By: Chip & Dan Heath

Listed one of the 5 business books to read this week by DailyWorth and a #1 New York Times bestseller, Switch is a great reference for how little things can create big changes.

The Heaths use this model to explain change: the Rider (the analytical side of us that sets goals and drive the energy), the Elephant (the energy behind the change) and…

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