As a freelance writer I mainly contribute to publications in the Northern Nevada/California area and cover stories about whatever is catching my eye. With 10 years of marketing experience under my belt, I also work with clients to help boost their inbound marketing efforts and create content for blogs, websites, publications, and other marketing materials.

I developed my own website, help manage social media accounts for the Phylmar Group and Lyfe Brands, and am always looking for my next adventure ūüôā

I am also a certified Hubspot Inbound, Content, and Email Marketing Specialist. If you have a project that you need help with, feel free to email me or find me on Upwork.

****UPDATE: September 29, 2018: Please note that I am currently working on the first edition of the Moon Northern California Road Trip set to be published Fall 2019. I may have a delayed response if you reach out to me in the next few months as sometimes my travels send me to remote places with no cell coverage. Follow my adventures on Instagram @snow_kayla or #northerncaliforniaroadtrip